Sexuality and Gender Therapy

Sexuality has been accepted as a universal human experience that is comprised of multiple components. It is important to note that although individuals and couples seek therapy for a variety of reasons that may not be related to sexuality; they may still experience a wide range of sexuality concerns.

People may seek therapy for a number of sexuality-related issues including:

  • Sexual dysfunction (e.g., erectile dysfunction, painful sex)
  • Sexual orientation, including asexuality
  • Exploration of gender experiences, including non-binary identities
  • Relieving gender dysphoria
  • Safer sex practices
  • Problematic sexual behaviors or “sex addiction”
  • Improving sexual self-esteem
  • Adjusting to sexual changes because of medication(s)
  • Pregnancy, infertility, and pregnancy loss
  • Aging or illness effects on sexuality
  • Adjusting to a partner’s sexual changes
  • Talking to children about sexuality