Relationship and Couples Therapy

Each person in a relationship brings their own unique set of experiences and strengths. That’s part of what makes an intimate connection so fulfilling, and at times, so challenging. Couples work often focuses on increasing the awareness of these experiences and differences and how they may influence interactions with our partner. By increasing each individual’s awareness of the patterns within the relationship, you become more able to make distinct choices around how you communicate with and respond to your partner.

Our therapists are trained in research-based therapeutic approaches that teach communication skills, help bridge the gap between individual differences, and repair breaches of trust in relationships.

Relationship and couples counseling topics may include:

  • Communication skills training
  • Premarital counseling or preparing for partnership
  • Navigating life transitions
  • Exploring varied relational models (e.g., monogamous, non-monogamous, polyamorous)
  • Addressing sexual concerns and increasing intimacy
  • Repairing after infidelity or loss of trust
  • Marriage counseling, discernment, or divorce counseling